I gave up for a while until I came across their Ads for Quality Rater position that were posted recently on CareerBuilder. I never actually had to talk to anyone about the company or anything. I currently work for this company and absolutely love it!! Otherwise it makes no sense why those who are qualified never hear anything back. Anyone else having this problem?

The exact same thing happened to me last week, 1. I, too, almost always got good hours in he early. I gave up Lionbridge a few months ago, but really trying to get in with Zerochaos this time around. It took bout 2 weeks from the process applying the jog and getting hired. There is when the home quality raters come in. Have a great day!! However, I am not experiencing intermittent task shortages… I am experiencing complete task shortages.

I then began online training. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience with this company. It represents an industry shift toward a design approach that is neither exclusively software-centric nor browser-centric.

I really miss those days. Save money; often huge capital investments and replaces them with small ongoing services fees.

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Does ZeroChaos options binaires compte demo gratuit ads quality raters from worldwide? I answered zerohaos the affirmative, filled out the form and sent it back. And by the way the shortage is not only for English raters. I had same feelings when after apply to ZeroChaos in NovemberI was running back and force to provide and confirm and confirm what I had provided in in April !


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Help make search engine returns more reflective of user’s query. Anyways, how you find out you failed the first one and do you need to answer EVERY question correct to get the job? Do you have any existing experience working for ZeroChaos or similar company? If you zerochaos it, you will be offered the job. Oh how I would love to get back to being able to work 29 hours coveg week. Everything was done that way. Your opinion matters to us. I immediately responded to that request saying that I was withdrawing my application for the Google Ads Quality Rater position, explained why and asked them to please delete my application information.

ZeroChaos is a legitimate home-based opportunity, oetter you can deal with the way they do things. Just trying to stay positive here, eventually we have to return to normal, since the holidays are now behind us I believe things will straighten out soon.

Languages Language and Competency: Did you just keep on sending your resume to them? By this point I have had enough. We could offer suggestions, opinions and even share online opportunities. But it seems not the cocer for ZeroChaos. About Kenneth Bridger T It is contractual for a 12 month aggreement but this position is contingent on a background check, work flow and accuracy.


I went through the training just fine, got my positive email from my 50 responses. Is this an independent home opportunity? I meet all the requirements and follow leyter application instructions exactly and still nothing.

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The weekly pay and the fact that you are an employee is the icing to the cake. I hope this helps everyone. I am only now reaching my ten hours where I usually get ten hours in two days.

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How much does ZeroChaos pay? High customer service standards Strong organizational skills Seasoned in conflict resolution.

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Can I ask, how long did it take to hear anything from them after you applied? I followed the specific instructions for sending zrochaos a resume and REQUIRED cover letter and assessment questions, and recieved a response within two days.