About 20 minutes Advance If possible, arrange seating so teams of four can work together. The fish the second man caught weighed ten pounds plus half of its weight. Distribute Handout , give participants about five minutes to read the entries, and then ask if everyone understands what a turnaround phrase is. One went to Tulsa, one went to Skokie, and one went to Boston. Inefficiency in this system obviates efficiency in critical thinking, for we cannot give issues a degree scrutiny if we only have a degree perspective. Team members now begin to find ways to accomplish their shared task more efficiently. Critical thinkers use both types of thinking, depending on the demands of the situation.

Which improvement would have the best payoff? Often, we become paralyzed by the urgency of the moment. Explain that one person in the pair will have a difficult message to deliver, written on a 3″ x 5″ card. Why or why not? Compile a diverse list of people whose work requires a lot of thinking—a CEO, a police officer, an entrepreneur, a college student, a scientist, a musician, a team leader, an activist, a politician, a warehouse foreman, etc. Have participants compare the notes they made and discuss the content of the lecture. They agree to abide by common ground rules.

How can we prepare for the future? This activity asks participants to think quickly and logically when given seemingly disparate bits of information. Sponge Coloring – wworksheet anatomy page, color the structures Hydra Anatomy – hydra image; students label tentacles, cnidocytes, buds.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Two salespeople discussing cold calls may not be able to break away from the mental ties that bind. Ask criticak who seemed to especially enjoy this activity if they would be willing to prepare a signed one-page maximum statement about the course that you can distribute to future participants.


Ask the pairs to join with other pairs so foursomes are created. If you selected b more than once, you have a strong need for Power.

What can you do to overcome this feeling? Use these as the basis for group and whole-class discussions, just as the entries on Worksheet were used. Answer Sheet and Feedback Have a volunteer distribute examples to class members and discuss them.

If necessary, ask them to create a turnaround of their own, without having to rely on the prompt from another group. Make a show of spraying the aerosol scent.

We find ourselves propelled to accept the non-sense and apparent nonsense of a whole new set of behaviors or thoughts. The third stage in the evolution of teams is marked by the diwgram of commitment. Even then, we must work with vendors and clients. Attending to Attention 2. Lead a discussion, eliciting examples and input from participants, of how radically different and sometimes unidentifiable a group becomes with the addition or subtraction of one member.

Tell why or why not. To expose participants to dialectical thought, requiring them to make sense synthesis of two seemingly contradictory viewpoints thesis, antithesis. Have the committee analyze what has remained the same, what has shifted somewhat, and what has undergone radical transformations.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

To encourage break-away-from-tradition thinking and to make participants realize that they have grown comfortable with thinkking that truly were unheard of years ago, compile a list of ways things have changed radically. They contain the text the facilitator can use or paraphrase to introduce the lesson.


(PDF) The Critical Thinking Tool Kit | Phan Chung –

A recent study reported in the September issue of Solutions, page 11 revealed the primary reason why corporate managers are terminated. Always wotksheet in sales, they were equally competitive in their sports pursuits. Has downsizing reduced thinking time in your organization?

And yet numerous Fortune companies are investing in training that teaches employees how to combine detail and logic left-lobe functions with vision and inventiveness right-lobe functions. Discuss the features that can be seen in each in order to help thining see both.


The leader in this second stage is more democratic than autocratic, operating from a less-controlling stance. Suggest that participants keep a journal listing potentially volatile workplace issues and how they were handled. Divide the class into teams of three or four. Interviewers generally like to ask atypical questions. It works well as an energizer Application: With this activity, participants are encouraged to think new thoughts about the work being done in their organizations.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

In the second exercise, I am going to ask you to reduce the essential points to four words—and I want you to make them rhyming words!