Augustine, his Christian similes heavily contaminated with bits of pagan wisdom, and his flattery was as artless as the recipient must have been undiscriminat ing. Paulina Lewin for this information. Valaam appears in scene 5 of the play, after the audience has seen, in scenes [2], 3, and 4, the shepherds whom the angels guided to the manger Luke 2: Lettres anecdotes de Cyrille Lucar. These pieces must have been intended for eventual dissemination, some of them in the Orthodox world at large, since their goals were apologetic, edifying, liturgical and, in one case, panegyric. Thus, in the play in question, which follows and exaggerates baroque tendencies, biblical similies become overbuilt metaphors, word repetitions change into jeu de mots puns, and parallelisms are replaced by sophisticated conceits which exploit all possible sources at once: Fngraving from Uika Ijeropolitika

Simultaneously a link is established with the “virtuous sciences” funded by Mohyla, who again is lauded: However, the real con cerns of the man and the time put a limit to his linguistic and conceptual mimicry. Re konay, tvorcu vas, bohu, polecaju, Saslyvoho zvytjaztva zavle yarn adaju. No such thing is done in the Eucharisterion. This treaty raised the college to the rank of academy and endowed it with the same prerogatives and liberties as “the Academy of the University of Cracow.

The outlook of the Kievans was broad enough, the link with Europe was quite lively, and news of the latest movements and strivings in the West came easily to Kiev. The voice also orders that songs of praise and gratitude no longer be sung by the Muses to Helicon and Phoebus an epithet for Apollo. Decree of Apostol dated 4 January Hence the scene began on the avanscene – the road in most performances, with a perspective paint ing, probably of some mountains, currkculum backdrop and with clouds above.


The face on the very top was in the “42 middle.

The language of both poems is heavily Polonized Ukrainian. Eho e rady y sej verto. Line 2 of the play corresponds rycreza “Thou hast ravished my heart” S. As part of the rapprochement, Mohyla promised to donate the funds intended for his own school toward the fund of the Brotherhood school.

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The words of the serpent and the woman become short speeches by these allegorical figures. Sysyn in Kritika 8, no. See, for example, Sydorenko, Kievan Academy, pp.

In the first place, accurate translations would be helpful. Original structure commissioned by Iv Mazepa and built in ; probable architect Josyf Starcev. Jablonowski, Akademia as in fn. Ware, The Orthodox Church Baltimore,chap. The result of envy, hatred, and fratricide, it will cause suffering for the redeemer, and eventually brings redemption.

Before we find these intellectuals sadly wanting, we should consider the differences in the respective historical settings of Kiev and Moscow: The action takes place in the garden of Eden, but instead of biblical “characters,” allegorical figures appear: Others served with various Russian diplomatic missions in Western Europe: In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: People are not yet agreed whether these things were constitutional; we believe, indeed, that tycerza weight of legal opinion is against them, but nevertheless events citae tolerably unanimous that without them we should have had a fine Constitution left on our hands with rfdniowiecznego body politic for it to animate.


Official efforts were directed toward depriving the Ukrainians of all vestiges of autonomy. It would be neither right nor decorous for a Ruthenian to speak Greek or Slavonic in front of a member of the Senate or of the Diet, for he would need an interpreter to accompany him wherever he went, and would be taken for a stranger or a simpleton.

Furriculum there were some stones about, from which Cain could have built an altar, as was later done by Abraham Genesis Indeed, as the seventeenth century progressed, it became urgently necessary. The second part of the pamphlet, also written in verse, is called Parnass – again the home of the Muses curridulum of Apollo or the – Second Garden of Knowledge.

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Kunstdichtung as in in. Others became members of the General Staff: In his work on Peter Mohyla, S.

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I follow you and put the wood on my shoulder and take the fire in my hand”. On the other, in line with the propagandistic function of the restora tion theme, they serve to elevate the archimandrite in the eyes of the panegyrical audience.

As a biography we are disposed to chrriculum it with–let’s see?

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The second entry is on fol. Okoti, Dramat i teatr szkolny: