Be true to yourself. Read a full transcript of his speech here. Throughout the speech you may see her signature style of speaking. Except for those of you leaving college with any student loan debt. And then I got tired, so I took a transcript. So what I’m saying is when your’re older, most of you will be gay.

Tulane University Graduation Speech. Be true to yourself. These graduates have survived a lot , and Ellen wants to congratulate them on their achievements. Unless you;re tulane serial killer. It is very nice of Tulane University to make this commencement speech video available on the public domain of YouTube. I was like, “Why is she suddenly gone. In fact, the line was such a hit that Reagan used it again the next year on the Eureka College speech [URL] ‘ Comedian and actress Amy Degeneres addresses Harvard University’s graduating graduation of on the school’s ellen, in Cambridge, Mass.

Then Degeneres cried a graduation degeneres more. Got a YouTube account? Use the following code to embed this video. She reassures the audience that it is okay if plans and definitions change. The show was cancelled after six years without even telling me.


Believe in your abilities and give your thoughts the strength of your ability. Commencement speeches are important and should be unforgettable.

ellens graduation speech tulane

Be positive about the future. Yet, I was getting letters from kids that almost committed suicide.

Ellen degeneres graduation speech tulane transcript

If you want to read complete transcript, here is one good spedch you would like to follow: Your email address will not be published. Be positive about the future.

ellens graduation speech tulane

This is a great day for all of you. Please remember, it is not word to word translation from speech-to-text i.

He downplays the genre, and he’s funny about it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He, degeneres Poehler, checks two boxes at once: Thank you, President Cowen, Mrs.

Ellen DeGeneres Commencement Speech Analysis

That I just couldn’t live that way anymore. So a balanced approach is needed. Do let us know your remarks via comments below. Secrets often make you to live in fear of being exposed anytime. See our usage guide for more details on embedding.

Commencement Speech at Tulane University: Ellen Degeneres by Liam Caljouw on Prezi

Ellen uses this metaphor because it is comical and relatable to the students. Throughout the speech you may see her signature style of speaking. Sometimes you pass through tragic incidents and you start losing courage to fight back.


epeech Be true to yourself. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Unless you;re tulane serial killer. I didn’t go to college, here, and I don’t know if President Cowen knows.

Often you may find the words are having very thoughtful meaning and her expressions grsduation different. I know a lot of you are concerned about your future but there’s no need to worry.

ellens graduation speech tulane

And I’m not saying you wasted your time or money but look at me. Tulane University Graduation Speech. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 6 Edit Subtitles. What are your views about this commencement speech?