For the remaining epigraphs, students will hand-copy the remaining epigraphs one sheet of paper per epigraph into their packets. Every student will be a critical thinker. Instead of allowing the student to walk their own path, to find their own meaning in life, and instead of allowing the student to develop their own interpretation of a good life, this form of parental “guidance” negates the educational exploration and discoveries of the student. This scaffold will allow students to form connections between McCandless’s world in the text and their personal journey towards life after high school. It is a fact of life that individuals progress and mature through different phases; thus my second aim for this unit is for my students to develop their own truth mantras and their own philosophy for life. Before you begin writing, read the passage carefully and plan what you will say.

My curriculum unit brings together higher order thinking skills through the analysis of author or narrator reliability, the evaluation of evidence, and in particular the dissection of epigraphs, all of which lead to student interpretations. Their ideas are compiled into their unit packets. What information do the siblings provide that Krakauer seems to have left out? The discussions benefit the students by allowing them to hear and realize the similarities and differences among their thoughts, especially when citing evidence to support their interpretations. The background information that readers are given about Krakauer is that he disappointed his father by not fulfilling the plans for the future that his father laid out for him. Does Krakauer have an acceptable background to speak with authority on this subject?

Interpreting Texts Are there limits to interpretation?

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

The more than twenty epigraphs address themes such as the attainment of happiness through the serene calming effect found in the solitude of nature, the materialistic selfishness of man, and the ways in which society sets prescribed expectations.


Why would you do it, and for how long could you see yourself doing that activity? Laurence Perrine states that there exists a level of truth when determining meaning and that logical patterns are found within the diction of the text. Krakauer’s Into the Wild is also interesting and useful in that its epigraphs can be interpreted on different levels e.

Some of these words may have double meanings or contain some level of symbolism. The discussions bridge the text and students’ understandings.

erwc into the wild essay prompt

Students will still be reading against the grain. Are there limits to interpretation? When the students engage in conversations about these types of questions, they will be able to decide whether the epigraph ties in closely with McCandless’s life or if the epigraph was taken out of context by the author.

They slow readers down—which is why they often skip them. As a teacher, I envision that each of my students will discover and make strides to fulfill their own meaning in life.

Epigraph-allacy: Using Epigraphs to Elicit Student Interpretations

Students are not wholly sure whether they should believe Krakauer because McCandless’ siblings, as expressed in their letters, hold varied perspectives. Students must be able to understand individual parts of a text e.

Epigraphs offer a place for the reader to interpret intoo text of the author and correlate it to society. Nevertheless, in spite of increasing poverty and decreasing budgets, our test scores in all subgroups continue to ptompt.

Did the author choose these quotes as the epigraphs because they were somehow related to his own adventure to Alaska’s Devil Thumb?

erwc into the wild essay prompt

In his annotations, McCandless presents his own text to self and text to world connections. Students will use the annotation strategy to highlight sections of the text where they will: The information Krakauer gathered is relayed through a multitude of perspectives.


The students’ interpretations are what serve as the bridge. Student Packets A 6 to page packet will serve as a record of ideas and details and will be the end product of this strategy. There are other aspects of McCandless ‘ s life that are brought esasy the surface in the letters by his siblings.

When their annotations are complete, they will be asked to discuss their findings with a partner, erw then share with the whole class. Students will use two main sources for this unit: How much objectivity did Krakauer intend on maintaining regarding McCandless? Does Krakauer have an acceptable background to speak with authority on this subject?

Every student will be an hte and involved community member. In addition to the first focus question, students will address a set of critical thinking questions: Students will read the entire nonfiction text using two reading strategies: McCandless’s impact on the characters Column 4: In addition to the first focus question, students will address a set of critical thinking questions:. Are these two chapters necessary? He was looking for more adventure and freedom than today’s society gives people” In using this particular excerpt, Krakauer could be seen as foreshadowing his own adventure, rather than remaining objective concerning his main character.