In many schools in our country students wear uniforms. Rozprawka za i przeciw: Our country is free and democratic, so we should wear what we want and other s people shouldn’t have influence on it. All things considered, although there are a few disadvantages of studying away from home, the advantages seem to outweigh them. In conclusion I think uniforms are a good idea because I see more advantages than disadvantages.

A lot of students who plan going on to higher education consider studying away from home. On the other hand, over the last years we have become so addicted to mobile phones that we use them even if it is not absolutely necessary. We can’t wear it after school because we might damage that. In a city you live in a flat and you may have mean neighbours. I think they’re important advantages of modern technology.

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But on the other hand, as everyone knows, fast food could be dangerous. Not to mention that cooking involves a visit to the supermarket, to buy the ingredients for the recipe you are cooking.

Hello Akoteq, przedwczoraj o Another argument ending my essay is that all students look the same and this is boring and it kills the i r individualism. I think that uniforms eessay the freedom of style.

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We can’t wear it after school because we might damage that. Ostatnio na forum Hello. Internet is a mine of knowledge – you can find there everything you need – information about world, job ads, answers to questions and other useful informations.


Many students worry about their clothes instead of taking care of their schoolwork. First of all, you are no longer under the supervision of your parents, which helps you to become independent and mature, not to mention the freedom it gives you. Furthermore, when you live in a dormitory you have more opportunities to socialise, make friends, form relationships. It helps angiepski save time and in some situations gives a sense of security.

Firstly argument for uniforms is that identical clothes in school introduce discipline.

essay angielski za i przeciw

Boyeczka, 5 godziny temu. Rozprawka za i przeciw: What is more, fast food is regularly pretty cheap. Firstly, It saves a lot of time. Dependence is very dangerous for young people, because it exposes them to diseases, isolation from environment and other dangers. As a result, you get experience and learn social skills that will angiels,i be useful in the future.

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Introduce uniforms we might stopped that, so students can better concentrate on study. In conclusion, eating fast food has variety of advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, a mobile makes communication easier than ever. However, it depends on the precise localization. Many students worry about their clothes instead worry about schoolwork.


So these clothes might secure school and pupils from dangerous people. Such situations lead EVEN to depression.

Fast food – rozprawka za i przeciw

I think they’re important advantages of modern technology. The next aspect of living in a village is that it is hard to find a job.

Using a – BEZ “a” modern technology people can find diseases, treat them, warn people about dangers, discover and angielsik different things. Its good option for students and people who lives alone. There are also some drawbacks of wearing uniforms.

Olsztyn is the best place for me so I hope I will never have to move out.

Complex machines lets save people’s life. We can also feel secure away from home, knowing that we can call for help if needed.

What’s more, products of modern technology are often too expensive for AN average person. Test diagnostyczny z angielskiego.