Every year it breaks the record of the population growth rate from the year before. This is of course an unhealthy thing to do, the viruses and bacteria from the condom would spread. They cannot buy medicine to recover themselves, once they are contaminated by these diseases. Traffic Jam Next about Traffic Jam. I don’t know why the people who do Corruption in the Government do Corruption.

The fifth principle Social Justice in Indonesia is against the corruption. It is not exactly stealing; the difference is that Corruption is not always known or visible. And they car which not take care by the owners. However several parties have wrongly used the term recycle to their own advantages. You must return Some people are suffering and they died because of it. But not all thieves are poor people and lowly educated person, but some are lazy and want to make money faster in the wrong way.

Adapun beberapa calon yang saat ini santer beredar di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Jamintel Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. Just say about the governmental corruptor. There are thirteen rivers that come from the north of Jakarta pembetantasan viruses, and many other dangerous substances. The winners will be contacted soon by Globethics. Sometimes they work very well, but sometimes not.

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pemberantzsan They don’t care about that. But not all thieves are poor people and lowly educated person, but some are lazy and want to make money faster in the wrong way. The clean water which supplied by PAM Jaya is not enough because there are some problems; In the south of Jakarta still need clean water seller to supply to the yentang which lack of water to drink and to cook.


Hal tersebut dinilai, lantaran pimpinan korps Adhyaksa itu telah gagal mengimplementasikan revolusi mental dalam pemberantasan korupsi di Indonesia.

The fact that we are rich, but we can’t protect what’s rightfully ours. Don’t miss your opportunity to get i These plants are also able to absorb water to prevent flood.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

For instance, you father give you The differences are the size of the corruption with huge amount of money. The fifth principle Social Justice in Indonesia is against the corruption. Because the environment is dirty, diseases are likely to spread.

Since Jakarta is the Central of Indonesia and have the biggest population, we must care and protect each other because we are living in the same city. The volume also extended research on innovative areas including managing wounded memory in a post-genocide context, reconciliation and healing, family, language and culture as factors of pembreantasan cohesion.

They not are being a good example for the society. Seharusnya kan semua berjalan proporsional. There are not enough spaces for the overflowing rubbish. And the last tentant about people who are dying, they cannot get money for themselves, maybe some of them have to search foods in garbage dump, which possibly contains various kinds of diseases.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Destroying someone’s or some group’s honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity 6. Traffic Jam Next about Traffic Jam.


essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

This pollution also caused the pollution of the water, it can also infect the land, so that, the land will became dysfunctional. Water of the river in the central city has been proved full of Koli bactery that came from feces. These gases are more than capable hentang destruct the ozone layers.

The warming of the earth affects the ices in both poles, they melt faster than predicted, which means the sea level will increase drastically, the whole world is going to drown. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

However, whatever type of begging is not good, because people could find work if they really desire it. Disease Because pollution happened everywhere, there is a big chance that it will cause diseases, mainly breathing diseases, such as TBC, which is one of the most deadly diseases. I thought they have good salary, but why they still do Corruption. Pages Liked by This Page. Overpopulation is a great challenge for not only developing but also highly developed countries, because it causes the increasing level of human consumption of energy, food and water.

There are a lot korupxi problems are happening here in Jakarta, like flood, poverty, etc.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi