During systems analysis, systems builders document the func- tional requirements of the system, specifying its most important properties and what the proposed system must do. Tasks in one stage are supposed to be completed before work for the next stage begins. For WestJet, the critical issue that they face was the transfer of its , files containing data on transactions for past WestJet customers who had already purchased flight, from its old reservation system serves in Calgary to Sabre servers in Oklahoma. Many firms underestimate costs for identifying and evaluating vendors of informa- tion technology services, for transitioning to a new vendor, for improving internal software development methods to match those of outsourcing vendors, and for monitoring vendors. JetBlue management realized in the wake of the crisis that the airline’s IT infrastructure, although sufficient to deal with normal day-to-day conditions, was not robust enough to handle a crisis of this magnitude. Key factors included cost-effectiveness, ease of adoption, and feature-effectiveness. It shows how much hidden costs affect the total project cost.

For instance, the risk of losing key personnel can be mitigated by providing completion bonuses or even just monitoring their happiness more closely. You will need to select the projects that promise the greatest benefit to the business. Building and Managing Systems Before a problem can be solved, it first must be properly defined. New classes of objects are created by choosing an existing class and specifying how the new class differs from the existing class, instead of starting from scratch each time. A new information system is built as a solution to a problem or set of problems the organization perceives it is facing. Obviously, a solution where costs exceed benefits should be rejected. They also wanted access via the Web or their mobile devices.

Developing applications for mobile platforms is quite different from development for PCs and larger computers. But compared to WestJet, the company was extremely well prepared westjte handle problems and risk such as these. For the time being, WestJet is hoping to return to growth before pursuing these measures.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

For instance, the risk of losing key personnel can be mitigated by providing completion bonuses or even just monitoring their happiness more closely. It also serves as yet another reminder of how successfully planning for and implementing new technology is just as valuable as the technology itself. Each node is numbered and shows the task, its duration, the starting date, and the completion date.


Domestic outsourcing is driven primarily by the fact that outsourcing firms possess skills, resources, and assets that their clients do not have. Revise and enhance the prototype. However, later in the project they may not have much input and therefore aren’t a risk if they leave. At the end of the sprint, a sprint review allows the team to demonstrate the new functionality to the product owner and other interested stakeholders who provide feedback that could influence the next sprint.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Assignment Example

The time had come for both JetBlue and WestJet to upgrade their reservation systems. The software for its Dealer Business System DBS projectts, which it licenses to its dealers to help them run their jetbue, is becoming outdated. What alternative solutions are possible for achieving these objectives and meeting these information requirements? You will need to select the projects that promise the greatest benefit to the business.

The problem may be one in which managers and employees believe that the business is not performing as well as expected, or it may come from the realization that the organization should take advantage of new opportunities to perform more effectively.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Case Study Example

Implementation, however, and pilot testing are rolled out to other parts of the globe. In addition, JetBlue needed to add some booking functions. Jetbkue potential problems might prevent a project from achieving its objectives by increasing time and cost, lowering the quality of project outputs, or preventing the project from being completed altogether.

WestJet employees had trained with the wesrjet system for a combinedhours prior to the upgrade, but WestJet spokesman Robert Palmer explained that the company “encounter ed some problems in the live environment that simply did not appear in the test environment,” foremost among jetbleu the issues surrounding the massive file transfer.

CASE tools facilitate clear documentation and coordination of team development efforts. The square box represents an external entity, which is an originator or receiver of information located outside the boundaries of the system being modeled.


To manage far-flung operations in China, Hong Kong, Moscow, and New York City Honam needs reliable reports that are able to tae measure management performance and provide useful, accurate information for increasing sales and reducing costs. The prototype is a working version of an information system or part of the system, but it is intended as only a preliminary model.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

The open rectangles represent data stores, which are either manual or automated inventories of data. The larger the project—as indicated by the dollars spent, project team size, and how many parts of the organization will be affected by the new system—the greater the risk. DST also involved developers in the decision-making process to ensure westjef changes would be greeted enthusiastically.

The old system used twwo take two months to tally the orders and determine which Scouts should be rewarded for selling the most cookies.


A number of firms offer app templates for small businesses that require no programming knowledge. Inboth airlines upgraded their airline reservation systems, and one of the two learned this lesson the hard way. What are the objectives of a solution to the problem? Each information systems project carries its own set of risks and benefits.

Earlier in this decade, WestJet underwent rapid expansion spurred by its early success and began adding more Canadian destinations and then U. How did WestJet allow this to happen?

What are the potential benefits to companies using Scrum development?

There are two data stores: In contrast, Ie had the advantage of seeing WestJet begin its implementation months before, so it was able to avoid many of the pitfalls that WestJet endured. Later on in the project, the loss of the functional analyst has a smaller potential impact for the project.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions