Isaac Winslow 2 Dr. Most of his poems including his “Address to the Negroes” convey a subtle resistance to slavery. I purchased a scanned image of the poem, and when it arrived I knew right away I was looking at a never-before-known poem by Jupiter Hammon. We know from his writings that his masters raised and educated him under devout Calvinist principles that advocated the compatibility of slavery with Christianity. Isaac Senter 1 Dr.

An essay on Slavery, with justification to Divine providence, that God Rules over all things Written by Jupiter Hammon 1 Our forefathers came from Africa Tost over the raging main To a Christian shore there for to stay And not return again. Jupiter Hammon was the first African American writer to publish in America, yet surprisingly little is known about him. Enoch Dole 2 Dr. The Jeffersonian approach to labor, alive and well in Texas! Nathaniel Ledyard 1 Dr. Proudly powered by Weebly. Hammon was still echoing the argument that slaveowners used to convince their human property to obey them for life.

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Jupiter Hammon

When shall we hear the joyfull sound Echo the christian shore Each humble voice with songs resound That Slavery is no more.


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Isaac Senter 1 Dr. Widely regarded as a religious poet, Hammon wrote poetry that reflected on the importance of Christian devotion.

jupiter hammon an essay on slavery

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Jupiter Hammon the Significance of Jupiter Hammon&nbspTerm Paper

John Cuming 7 Dr. John Cochran 1 Dr. David Townsend 3 Dr. In the Yale Alumni MagazineProf. Charles Jarvis 3 Dr. The verses describe an end of rssay in the next worldit seems to me, or after the Second Coming. Wednesday, 05 June, Cotton Tufts 1 Dr.

jupiter hammon an essay on slavery

Lafayette at the Water Works kupiter Philadelphia, 15 J John Taylor 2 Dr. Hammon was enslaved to the Lloyd family of Long Island, who had a few relatives in Boston. Every Tone a Testimony: He has published scholarly papers and popular articles for both children and adults.

Most of his poems including his “Address to the Negroes” convey a subtle resistance to slavery.

Boston Jupiter Hammon’s “Essay on Slavery”

Simon Tufts 3 Dr. After examination to the only other writing sample available, “An essay on Slavery” matched the other sample.

Ezekiel Brown 1 Dr. According to Jupiter Hammon, what is God’s opinion on slavery and what is the correct way for a Christian slave to respond? Arnold Elzey 2 Dr. To juiter more about the document’s discovery by graduate student, Julie McCown, Professor Cedrick May, and its implications, follow the links below.


jupiter hammon an essay on slavery

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An enslaved poet on slavery | Arts & Culture | Yale Alumni Magazine

Additionally, there are important stylistic similarities to other works. Jonathan Mallett 1 Dr. This document highlighted in the anthology is especially exciting and important in the fields of both literature and history because of its extremely recent debut.

For example, there are a couple of lines from “An essaj on Slavery” that show similar phrasing to his poem addressed to Phillis Wheatley. The poem starts with a direct reference to the Middle Passage and repeatedly offers the comforts of Christianity amidst the toil and oppression of slavery.