Full of excitement and adventures. John Cena from USA 8 out of 8 cuz its gr8 m8 I would rather just read the book Onder Tekin. Ilgorbek from Uzbekistan It is excellent for writing reviews Daniel from England Boring. For days and weeks, Kensuke slowly and tenderly nurses Michael back to health; often singing softly in Japanese to lull Michael to sleep.

What a fanastic book you have written. But he soon realises there is someone close by, someone who is watching over him and helping him to stay alive. I have read this book in my school library. Kensuke’s Kingdom is based around the time of the ‘s. I love this book:

kensukes kingdom homework

Mopurgo captures the essence of human emotion which is deftly interwoven through every page. My Mum and my younger brother enjoyed it just as I did.

I think this book is fantastic. It is really good! I really can remommend this book! Latest articles Cover reveal and exceprt: It kingdoj a fantastic story full of adventures and brilliance.

Kensuke’s Kingdom was an amazing book filled with adventure and also had small hokework parts which were sad. By far, Mopurgo captures the essence of human emotion which is deftly interwoven through every page.

kensukes kingdom homework

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I red this book for my book report for school. This book is amazing. I was in the cold of the sea before I could even open my mouth to scream. It is full of adventure and mystery.

Kensuke’s Kingdom | Teaching Ideas

Tabby from Wokingham I think this is an amazing book, the way he writes it makes you feel like you are in the story. Ramyah homewok England I loved this book it personally isn’t my best favourite book but it surely is in the list of my “recommended books”.

But when I started to read a bit more each day I started to enjoy it. King of the Cloud Forests 8. Michael seems real- his story seems real and this knsukes why this book is one of my favourites.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

They were friends for a long time. We as the reader find the sad tale of how Kensuke was stranded on the island during the war and believed his wife and daughter to be dead. Adi from India Good book. Grace Wardle from UK I like the book because it is full of adventure. This is one of the greatest book’s I have ever read!

kensukes kingdom homework

Gabriella from America Excellent book!!! It wasn’t as interesting at the start but most of the class got into it nearing the end. He only just realised he is not alone.


I am in year 5 we are reading this book, I don’t agree with the people that don’t like this book. Timirq Hassan from UK I read this book in kenshkes and as homework. This book was filled with thrills and excitement and suspense I guess the only thing I can say for improvement is writing more books since i have ready all of Michael Morpergo’s books and currently doing a Book review at school for the book. Flavia from UK I first read Kensuke’s Kingdom in year 6 when we were writing our own fantasy stories.

Kensukes Kingdom, let’s give a round of applause clap! Hajra from UK When I read it I loved the adventure and as a class we loved it kinvdom than any other book. Mrs Cass from 26 Jesmond Gardens, Hartlepool This is a fantastic story that the year 5 children read as part of our lessons. Very good work and ideas for homewoork.