Vacant hours in school 3. Gagamitin ko din for our thesis na related sa OPM. Rhythm is the pattern of beats in a piece of music. Is OPM, therefore, dead? Yes No Yes No 9. After encountering grief from love, the hope we once had has been robbed from our hearts.

This is sad thing especially to those who were involved in the OPM industry. On a deeper sense, the South Korean influence challenges the Filipinos to produce more interesting style of works that can compete with Korean dramas and music. The main output that this study shows is the alarming possibility of the youth today to be attached or fascinated to the culture of other countries despite having low knowledge about the Philippine culture. We sway ourselves to believe that we’re incapable of loving again. The researchers of this study found out that there is indeed a relationship between the two involved subject matters South Korean influence and Nationalism of students as there are respondents of the study who scored low in the test about Philippine Culture and high in the test part about South Korean Culture. I’d met the love of my life away at school. Korean Wave- or Hallyu refers to the sudden increase in popularity of South Korean culture around the world Teenagers- a person aged from 13 to 19 years.

In a more specific level, youth of today are undeniably more concerned with foreign music, movies and television series. Salamat po sa insight niyo sir! Philippines music industry for now are dying because of that other music and the example of that is the KPOP group.

kpop vs opm thesis

I was wondering po if I could get you full name and permission to use your paper as part of a research my group and I are doing for our Filipino thesiis regarding OPM music as well. As for me, I shall continue to aspire to be a committed friend.


I already responded to your email po. This research aims to give information on the experiences of K-pop fans, to whom and where do they express their fandom, how do they express their fandom and what influenced their fandom. Don’t be butthurt but P-Pop sucks.

Music holds a strong, essential, and definitive role in reflecting and shaping the culture of every society, every country.

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Opinyon ko lang naman. Perhaps there is only one certainty. Therefore, there are more enthusiasts of either K-pop, K-drama, or both, that have mastery in the South Korean culture, particularly in its music and telenovelas, than those who are aware of Philippine culture in the same aspects.

Moreover, most respondents conceive that the Philippine media is not effectively glorifying OPM. Why do Filipino Teenagers like K-Pop?

mga sinulat ni ital: K-POP VS P-POP

In conclusion, relationships are very important. How about make it original? In relation to this, youth around Asia especially Filipino youths have been affected by the outstanding effect not just to the K-pop music but also to other music from other countries Kim, A person needs to communicate with someone.

You have things like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. After that, vx analysis should be done and the results would then be interpreted.

How Influential K-Pop is to Filipino Teenagers Essay

I remembered that the 3rd album from Super Junior was topped the local record charts. We all wage wars against ourselves and the people around us, without noticing that we’re the ones who are losing.


kpop vs opm thesis

One of the issues about K-pop is the issue about lyrics that picture or refer to sex, social criticism and swearing. Mac Macapendeg asserted that Filipinos love K-pop artists and the music itself because it sounds unique, it introduces an incomparable level of entertainment, fashion, style and Korean customs and traditions are not that different from the Filipino one.

The Korean Pop Invasion. Until now, this particular music is still being acknowledged and appreciated worldwide including Philippines as well vvs other European countries. Retrieved December 7, from http: Korean Pop invasion in the Philippines: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

How Influential K-Pop is to Filipino Teenagers Essay Example for Free – Sample words

He was doing well in thezis job. There are still many known groups and artists that contributed to the success of the Korean Pop Music such as the Super Junior and Shinee group.

kpop vs opm thesis

From my mere observations, I’ve come to notice that people sometimes try so desperately hard to fall in love, they manage to fool themselves opop thinking it’s genuine. If not, the researchers would pick another respondent and will answer directly to the survey questionnaire after approval. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You can email me at: