Form Finder showing commonly used SSC forms. Understand and deploy basic qualitative and quantitative research skills in the study of social policy problems. You are asked to give signed consent for the Department to use your summative coursework as an example of good practice for future groups of students. If you submit an assessment, or sit an exam, we consider you to have declared yourself well enough to do so. Administrative staff within the Department will not accept assessed work from you if it does not carry your candidate number.

This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. If you submit a draft, you will be able to finalise your coursework before submitting for grading. The Exam Board will then consider whether there are grounds to discount the absent mark. Failing a course or failing to be awarded a degree is not considered to be evidence that the assessment was affected by exceptional circumstances. I was also ill on the morning of the exam on 25 May. Five marks out of will be deducted for coursework submitted within 24 hours of the deadline and a further five marks will be deducted for each subsequent hour period working days only until the coursework is submitted.

If your ECs relate to a submiission first or second year paper including an unauthorised sumnative from an examthe Exam-Boards will consider your circumstances at the end of the year in question. When considering your ECF, the Exam-Board s reserve the right to determine whether or not it was appropriate for you to attempt the assessment. Feedback on formative work is provided within three weeks of submission. If you would like further support in relation to sexual violence, including sexual harassment, a Safe Contact will be able to refer you to LSE and external specialist sources of support.

Extension Policy

You can obtain your unique candidate number and vorm examination timetable via LSE for You from the end of the Xoursework Term. This means you are free to use the content for publication elsewhere. You may try to obtain further evidence and lsse the request if the assessment deadline has not yet taken place.


This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. It is a charity and is incorporated in England as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Acts Reg no.

All marks and exceptional circumstances are considered anonymously at Exam-Board meetings. Everything you write in an exam must be submitted. Formative assessment is a compulsory part of every course and includes: Summative coursework is to be submitted via Moodle in electronic format only; no hard copies are required. If you wish to make the Sub-Board of Examiners aware of your circumstances and how these have affected your performance, please complete the Exceptional Circumstances form available here.

If you successfully meet the conditions the Provisional Exam Bar will be removed automatically.

Extension Policy

sjmmative Fill in the form below to request an extension to the deadline for coursework or dissertation. Summative assessment tests whether students have acquired the learning outcomes described above.

lse summative coursework submission form

By submitting your work on Moodle you are confirming that all work contained within your work is your own, apart from properly referenced quotations. Form Finder showing commonly used SSC forms. When submitting your work essay, cursework essay, dissertation, project etc.

By submitting an assessment or by entering ls exam room you are declaring yourself fit enough to attempt the assessment. If you feel you need more time, you should contact the Sub-Board Chair as soon as possible with your reasons.

This may be appropriate for a summative essay, project or dissertation.

lse summative coursework submission form

Exceptional circumstances are those which you feel may have had a significant impact on your academic performance during an exam or other summative assessment. Use of this website is subject to, and implies acceptance of, its Terms of use including Copyright and intellectual propertyOse and data protection and Accessibility. For other courses, please contact the course teacher.


Supporting evidence must be provided with your request, and all evidence must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation. Individual summatiive are never changed as a result of exceptional circumstances.

Assessment: Coursework and Examinations

You must attach an original version of official, corroborating evidence of your circumstances to your Exceptional Circumstances Form ECF. I felt sick and unable to concentrate and was not able to complete the paper’. Your request will be forwarded to the Chair of the Exam Board – you can expect to receive a response within 5 working days, i. If you require more time to submit the work than an extension would normally allow, or the assessment in question has a static deadline e.

The School considers academic integrity to be an issue of the utmost importance. Assignments are returned to students with constructive commentary and guidance for future progress.

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Continuing Students If you are a continuing student and have passed all of your papers for the year, your submission will be filed for consideration at the end of coursswork programme. Any quotation from the published or unpublished work of other persons including other candidates must be clearly identified as such by being placed inside quotation marks and a full reference to their source must be provided in the proper form. If the moderator finds any inconsistencies, scripts are re- marked.