On Tuesday he ate through 2 pears. Trixie is so excited to get her bunny back at the end of the day. Reading the book makes anyone hungry! Annotated Bibliography 1 Willems, M. Why does the pigeon think he can drive the bus? The students for a day would then trade each other and take the stuffed animal or toy home with them to play with for a day.

Digging Up the Dirt. This easy reader contains very short chapters with easy, rhyming dialogue. Mo Willems creates simple characters with easy dialogue, so they are really fun for kids who are beginning to read. Everything was going healthy until Saturday came along. The students could go outside and play catch but not use their hands or feet to try to catch the ball.

She eats all of the chocolate pudding. The pigeon finds a hot dog on the ground.

mo willems annotated bibliography

They will then record where they took their stuffed animal in their journals. Harper and Row Publishers.

I did think that the book could have gone a little deeper though, so that it was not just the pigeon talking. Trixie is so excited to get her bunny back at the end of the day.

When ko time comes for show and tell, she sees that someone has the same exact bunny as her.


mo willems annotated bibliography

Hyperion Books for Children. The duckling has many questions for the pigeon because he has never eaten a hot dog before. This book has great dialogue and a good lesson. In all honesty I could not choose just one Piggie and Elephant book for my collection, so I would have to get all 25 of them, they really are that good!

Fans of Mo Willems will also love this book. What do Piggie and Gerald end up wearing to the party?

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Children who have traveled in an airplane, children who every had a beloved stuffed animal that they lost, children who have ever done anything to benefit someone else. In another adventure with Elephant and Piggie, they meet a snake who wants to play catch with them. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Another Knuffle Bunny tale you ask!

Readers who like humorous books or books about animals will adore this book! Trixie finds Knuffle Bunny all wet and soggy but whew! This book makes a great bedtime story, or a good book to curl up under a tree with. A strategy that would work well with this book and age group would be Concrete Annoated.

One day, Trixie and her father go to wilkems laundromat. Weston Woods Studios. It can be difficult to get some boys interested in reading.


mo willems annotated bibliography

Digging Up the Dirt. The friendly ladybug saved some bugs for her to have for dinner. Hyperion Books for Children. Instead of her breaking a chair, she cannot get up on any of the chairs. Everyone has heard the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I would give this book a four out of iwllems. The pigeon finds a hot dog!

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Digging Up the Dirt. Will the snake ever annotatef able to play catch? Caldecott Honor Book, Newberry Honor Book, and Christopher Award bibliiography, In it was ranked 15th picture book of all time by the school library journal. The word bubbles can help students realize that dialogue is happening and the two characters are interacting with one another.

Therefore it is imperative to have books with subjects that interest them, especially when they are first getting into reading.