And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. She stressed to all those interested that if they’re going to apply, then they simply need to put the hpsp and effort into it and make sure they comply with all requirements, from college level classes to Navy fitness evaluations. All HPSP residents are either reserve or active duty status, and this technically satisfies the contractual obligation. After the residency, internships, and fellowships, comes the active duty commitment. So, if you want a civilian deferment for a residency that doesn’t even fill all the AF hospital spots, you’ll be denied the civilian deferment and forced to do a military residency.

If that doesn’t work, look to a mentor in the medical field or your student advisor. Also, be prepared to repeat information included in your application essay personal statement. Digital hpsp of your resume to: This is especially important if you think you might be involved with a private practice where it would be difficult to leave and find appropriate coverage for your patients. For example, some hospitals have experienced significant downsizing literally hundreds of beds lost , yet still train the same number of residents.

There are thousands upon thousands of people in the Armed Forces, dedicating their lives to protecting the country.

navy hpsp personal statement

If anything, please understand this: Additionally, I won’t have to enter the military lifestyle for several years even longer with a civilian residencynot that it is such a big deal to wear a uniform. She stressed to all those persomal that if they’re going to apply, then they simply need to put the hpsp and effort into it and make sure they comply with all requirements, from college level classes to Navy fitness evaluations.

These rotations are opportunities for students to not only get hands-on experience in the AF medical system, but also to make a name for themselves, get to know doctors in the AF, and become familiar with different residency programs available. My name is Luke Ballard.


Going the military route: In other words, they will pay your way through medical school if you are willing to work for them for as many years later on. Again, I highly recommend read your contract and get a clear explanation from your recruiter what your reserve duty committment is and when that time is served.

In return, your commitment is four active duty tours of 45 days each year of medical school the other month and a half of pay not included in the stipendfour years on active duty as an armed forces doctor, and four years of inactive reserve duty.

This is a hlsp idea, because if you are disqualified for any reason it is better to know right away.

U.S. Naval Officer Motivational Statement Essay – Navy’s core values in order to protect USA

Hpsp personal statementreview Rating: However, there was another side to the decision. It is about X more money.

Additionally, do your best to talk to some military residents statemeng your field of choice–they will provide you with some of the most useful information.

However, the second thing to know about retirement is that only a portion of your pay base pay will count when calculating your retirement benefits. I have personally seen the full range of military resident satisfaction.

navy hpsp personal statement

It is difficult to determine the exact pay you will earn for each specialty in advance, but it does correlate with civilian salaries and increases with years of service.

I do hope what I have said here helps give you an idea of some of the things I considered important while making my decision. Moreover, civilian residents on reserve can and have been called to active duty during their residency. This COPY of the contract is just to show you what the language is like and to provide a broad overview of the program.

Those that apply to civilian residency programs, but match with an AF residency are absolutely required to withdraw from the civilian match. The Health Professions Scholarship Program is a big commitment and a major life decision. My reasons for joining the Air Force are reinforced daily and continue to multiply. Obviously this policy may turn out a better investment for the military, which is why it is in place.


This information is likely dated because of the constant changes in the AF healthcare system and should definitely not be used to make specialty decisions, but it is still interesting to consider. The military application is due in mid-September of the fourth year of medical school, whereas civilian applications are accepted from September through November for most programs.

Fortunately I don’t think I missed out on anything; this did not sound like an appealing option for me, primarily because of the long-term commitment. The report I read did not specify what year they were in residency or what specialties they were training in.

All of these considerations played a role in my decision.

Military Match Personal Statement

This process is much earlier than the normal residency application process. I can tell you right now the AF is salivating thinking that you might go to a state funded school. Take a look at the medical schools you get into, as well as USUHS and ask yourself where you’d be happiest. On the other hand, fellow students who want to “experience” another hospital have to pay for their own travel, housing, food, and any other expenses they might incur.

The training is mostly academic, dealing with three major areas.

This was one of my greatest concerns with the scholarship.