How to Deliver Your Freebie with Mailchimp. I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section. With Wishlist Member you will also be able to determine after how many dates a new lesson will be opened to your members using the Sequential Upgrade feature. You can see an example in our product Wishlist Registration Widget website: November 4, 1 Comment We have been using OptimizePress and Wishlist Member for creating all of our products websites and we can only say that it is one of the best themes that integrates perfectly with Wishlist Member plugin.

Connect With Other People. Some online marketing expert somewhere said that in order to increase the chances for someone to opt-in to your mailing list, you have to give them no other choices than to opt-in or leave. Fact is, our membership website would not function without these plug ins. You can fully customize your sales letter very quickly and easily. I made my site using the Make theme you used in the 5 Day Challenge. Over 40 Wishlist dedicated plugins, including: Then I created a LeadLink to place in followup the email I sent out so that in one click, they could sign up for the free 5 Day website Challenge.

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Is OptimizePress The Best Theme for A Wishlist Member Membership site?

Video is the new text. This is a fantastically thorough review, Shannon. Connect With Other People.

optimizepress vs. thesis theme

Thesis is a theme that one of my clients had trouble with, so we had her install OptimizePress on a subdomain. Leave this field empty. Stay in Touch With your Members. Now I get it.


optimizepress vs. thesis theme

Then I created a LeadLink to place in followup the email I sent out so that in one click, they could sign up for the free 5 Day website Challenge. I have literally been going back and forth with this for days probably weeks. Does Thesis theme compatible with Wishlist Member? So I cancelled my LeadPages account. Yes, I still had this nagging feeling that I needed to see what LeadPages was all about.

Love your writing style as well!

#BizRant: LeadPages and OptimizePress Don’t Do The Same Thing!

There are 4 different membership pages combinations that include: Also, a huge misconception is that the technology is the golden pptimizepress.

Wishlist Member Plugins 1-Stop Shop! OptimizePress is the most powerful theme for creating landing pages, sales letters and product launches, yet it is less suitable for creating a blog since it is not designed to support posts. Is it LeadPages fault? You can view all the details about the new version in the below link: Maybe my bad attitude about LeadPages leaked into the universe and created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thank you for this and thank you for all that you do!!

So I considered ooptimizepress, but ultimately decided to teach Opt-in Skin as part of the 5 Day Website Challenge because I wanted to show solopreneurs that you can build a pretty fantastic feature-packed WordPress site without spending a ton of cash. Marketing Nuggets Post LeadPages frustrates the hell out of me. Wishlist and OptimizePress allow you to set-up a membership site without the hassle of customizing it too much and it allows you to easily create all the necessary pages for your membership site.


Thesid may look scary at first, but trust me, in a few minutes you will know exactly how to use them. If you need to start collecting leads right away and have no time or desire to build a website, LeadPages is perfect for you. Download Area Model — Create a download area membership site, where your members will need to log-in with username and password in order to be able to download your content.

And there is some truth to that — the list of incompatible themes and plugins is here: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When I discovered OptimizePress I figured it thess too good to be true — landing pages, sales pages AND payment and registration for my course all in the,e

I was especially impressed by the developers prompt customer service! Thank you so much!

#BizRant: LeadPages and OptimizePress Don’t Do The Same Thing! – Shannon Mattern

I tried Optimize Press once and it did break my site, but I see from your link that I was running a plugin that may have caused the problem. AND recognize where you are in the lifecycle of your business.

optimizepress vs. thesis theme

There are 4 different sales pages combinations that include some or all these entire feature: