Parents attending will also need to observe the SafeSchools videos for chaperoning, print the Certificate of Completion, and return the Certificates to University Park’s front office. An approach to correcting inappropriate or disruptive student behavior through a plan designed by school staff to offer positive behavioral interventions, strategies and supports. Tank tops and muscle shirts are not allowed. Final drafting and publishing of essays or research papers must be double-spaced and word processed using 12 point Times New Roman, Ariel, Cambria, or Calibri. This plan is appropriate for students with and without disabilities.

In order to join us a parent needs to have completed two tasks The homework policy has not been updated since , ignoring 35 years of evidence-based research findings. Ramos 4th grade Math Ms. Talk to the school administrators, or if available, staff in the Student Assistance Program. Email is an option.

These responses focus on the safety of the school community and ending self-destructive and serious behaviors.

pgcps homework policy

Notify me of new posts via email. Removing a student from within the school building from their regular education program but the student still afforded the opportunity to pgccps to:. If bullying, harassment or intimidation is substantiated, the school team should develop a plan of support.

Teachers are not required to provide make-up work for students when absences are unlawful. Suspension The denial of the right of a student to attend school and participate in all school-related activities for a period of time determined by the principal or the Chief Executive Officer or designee. School will begin as normal–students will have their usual morning classes.


If the student has not violated any of the criminal laws of the State of Maryland or poljcy other jurisdiction during the period of expulsion, the Chief Executive Officer may readmit the student. Be treated with courtesy by all members of the school staff. Notify me of new comments via email. That is where teacher flexibility comes in.

Conflicts Conflicts are not characterized by an imbalance of power. Maintain an atmosphere that contributes to positive student behavior. A Homework should be carefully planned and directed by the teacher in terms of:.

Riding the bus poliy a privilege. Bullying, harassment and intimidation are anti-social behaviors that are characterized by an intent to cause harm and an imbalance of power.

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Communicate policies and expectations to students and parents, including: Head Dress Head dress can be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only. Administrators are encouraged to use the lowest Level of Response to address inappropriate behavior. PGCPS has designated the following information as directory information: A due process hearing will be held within 10 school days. Among them is the recommendation that school systems set upper limits for the amount of homework that gets assigned according to developmental stage.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! S erious bodily inju r y t o another stude n t. We believe that it is possible to maintain disciplined, productive learning environments without excluding students from school except in the most severe instances. There are a variety of PGCPS programs to assist students who may need an alternative education option to overcome the challenges to learn, achieve at high polic levels and ultimately graduate.


One thing many parents have on their side is knowing their children. Inspect, review and seek to amend educational records.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Handbook Goals Share policies, procedures and best practices to ensure that students and parents understand and support our goal of academic excellence and a high quality education for all students. The official school attendance documentation is recorded during this time. This is especially true for students who do not have any diagnosis and explicit protections, such as hhomework IEP or plan.

pgcps homework policy

We reprint the letter from PG Parents forwarded to Dr. Dress in accordance with the dress code for school and school functions. Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Ogcps what adjustments teachers and principals are empowered to take will only help prevent unnecessary conflict over homework. IME this happens around 3rd or 4th grade.

pgcps homework policy