Construct cubes using 8 and 27 smaller cubes. Is the last digit 5 or 0? The difference between the goal and what has been raised so far is the amount yet to be raised. Who is the better quarterback? Mileage You can estimate differences in a similar way.

Participant 4 7 Name Reteaching Adding Mixed Numbers You can add to find the total weight of these two packages of cheese. Test one example of this generalization: The store ordered nine packs of screws. Unlike Denominators If you are adding or subtracting fractions and the denominators are not the same, the first thing to do is find a common denominator. The other necklace will have a inch beaded section.

Carpentry Nails Length Size inches If you put each coin side 11 in. Number Sense What number is , more than 5,,?

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Draw a Picture and Write an Equation Reteaching A hardware store ordered 9 packs of screws from a eriting. Rodriguez could also use racks that hold three test tubes or racks that hold five test tubes. Solving Rational Equations Notes. There are 5 shapes in the set. Do you have an underestimate or overestimate? Critical Thinking Jackie wants to buy a new CD player.


Look Back and Check Is your answer correct?

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

The explin tells you how many of that factor should be multiplied together. About how much will it cost to purchase 96 pillows? It contained 64 smaller cubes.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Find the volume of the rectangular prism using a formula. About how much would it cost for Angelina and her 4 sisters to get a shampoo and a haircut? What number added probleem 1, will result in 1,? About how much does she spend on haircuts for the year?

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

The giant cube was 4 4 4. So x can have any value less than 4.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Topic 6 Name Reteaching Writinv Solving: If the fractional part of the first number is less than the fractional part of the second number, you will have to rename the first number to subtract. The fraction is 8. Round to the nearest whole number. How many times will he have to play before he scores points?


Multiply 7 times each part of the sum. Circle the greatest number of times each different factor appears. The number of germs doubles every hour. See the dotted line in the figure.

Writing to Explain An environmental scientist is studying an old apple orchard.

Adding and Subtracting: Like Denominators

What is the value of the vase? Did Ivan leave her enough paint? Simplify the fraction if possible. Lines are sometimes described by relationships to other lines. The rest is planted with flowers.

He said the answer was x 4. Count the total number of decimal places in both factors.