I also agree with your conclusion that people try to help improve people, with disabilities, lives. He lived this story and so their isn’t much way to argue against it. I think his examples are very convincing. If someone who was not handicapped said that handicapped people could sneak Cuban cigars in a portable shower seat through Customs, we probably wouldn’t believe them. Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list Choose a Membership Plan. An elderly Asian man chimed in:

It is not accurate to say that every person in a wheelchair can get away with smuggling Cuban cigars. I found it interesting that you had to specify “pregnant ladies” typically we assume only women get pregnant. Many people remain ignorant, or choose to remain ignorant, when a person is behind them in a wheelchair and may need to get through the crowd. I don’t think anyone in our class really understands what its like to be handicapped in a wheelchair; all we know is how we treat people who are. Strapped to his wheelchair, he learns his new place in society as a person with a disability.

I agree with your statement. Blog Creative Writing About Mrs.

The Catbird Seat by DE english12 on Prezi

Walking, running, and jumping are all some of the things that everyday people take for granted. Just look around and you can see this. Can’t find What you were Looking for? Although Birnbaum provides a myriad of personal examples, who is to say they are true?

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

Quadriplegia — Paralysis of all four limbs; tetraplegia. There may be many people all over the world getting treated poorly because of their handicaps. I have a successful career and live independently.


the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

He showed up late to work and got away with it. First are the blind, then the wheel chairs, pregnant ladies, old people, and then everyone else. I can see your point thesia view as well, though.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

If he did not have the examples it would be dull and would not have as much of a meaning towards the overall purpose of the essay. Chardonnay — A variety of white wine grape used for making champagne and other wines. People who are disabled can understand this difference easier than those looking from the outside in. I think that the personal experiences in this story do help to tell his story. I feel like he is just testing people to see just how much he can thesos away with.

The Catbird Seat

He realizes that even if he has lost his legs, there are new opportunities, although considered minor or insignificant to others, which he now begins to enjoy because of his inability to walk. But because Birnbaum has proof off all of these things because he’s actually lived them, its not only convincing by undeniably accurate and truthful. Plus, a story completely devoid of any specific examples would be far more uninteresting than the story Birnbaum wrote.

I never looked at it this way. It changes the way people look at him and the way he is treated. I think people do this because we feel bad for them. Some people might question is position in this essay but he clearly shows his points. I think his reliance on the personal experiences he has had does make the essay more convincing.


If he would of added stories about fhe experiences yhesis other people in wheelchairs, it would of made this essay more convincing. It is interesting because going into it you would think that the man wants to show that people in wheelchairs are treated unjustly, but by the end of the paper you realize that people are almost outcast and treated as aliens because they are handicapped.

I also think it was wrong of Birnbaum to use his disability to get special treatment. All Materials are Cataloged Well. You supported your opinion with excerpts from the story, which also helped. Cashing a check at Chase, I’d ignore the velvet ropes and go straight to a teller. He allowed special treatment to those who were different. I think that his reliance on personal experience makes his essay seem less convincing. He also expresses that, there is a better way of seeing things than entertaining pity in any form and from anybody.

He does show good description bkrnbaum how the privileges are naturally given to the disabled people and how he takes advantages of the disability.