The date on the postmark is considered to be the submission date. Here, they will receive their project definition and the exact submission deadline. Anti Money Laundering real conditions Finding. Stefano Battiston Systemic risk, Financial Systems and networks, social economic networks. Application To write a paper at the DBF a written application is required. Thanks to guest lectures from business representatives and seminars offered in cooperation with companies, you will come into contact with the professional world right from an early stage. Procedure Usually, the applicants are informed at the latest two working weeks after the receipt of the application whether they have the possibility to write a paper at the IBF or not.

The thesis may not be placed in the Dean’s Office mailbox. Applied research on key actors such as banks. The following documents serve as a support:. Follow the link below for detailed information: As a business and financial center with a strong international profile, Zurich offers an outstanding environment for studying Banking and Finance. Sources competitive advantage investment specialization course International Insurance offers education national markets. Does personality have an influence on moral sensitivity?

Especially the relevant lectures must have been visited and passed banikng good marks. Two bound copies must be submitted. For writing the Bachelor Thesis at the DBF, the successful completion of the mandatory modules is highly recommended.

A further career opportunity is to enter a PhD in quantitative finance. Please send us together with your application an outline of approx. The aim of an interdisciplinary SNF research project led by Prof.


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Interview in den UZH News. Ch Bachelor- PwC field taxation more information can. This minor study program can be combined with a major study program in accordance with the provisions set out in your program. In order to react adequately to such challenges, managers and employees must first recognize the underlying ethical problem structure – i.

Department of Banking and Finance. For the best Master thesis on industry-related?

Students may also choose from the free elective area. You will find any information and instructions on how to use the MyStudies tool here: The completed registration form. Master’s thesis and graduation As far as the Master’s thesis and the registration for graduation are concerned, the same administrative procedures apply to the Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance and all other Master’s programs in Business and Economics.

uzh master thesis banking and finance

Business and Economics or Quantitative Finance students must collect their project definition in person from the Dean’s Office of the Faculty. Decision theory and experimental decision research Themen: Moreover, graduates with the right aptitude have the opportunity to pursue academic research by completing a doctorate.


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Please be aware of the office hours. Selection of topic and supervisor — Informatics Informatics students must write their thesis with a professor from their program of study. Business and Economics students may write their thesis with a professor of their choice from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at UZH. In case of doubt, the xnd makes a decision between the applicants.

uzh master thesis banking and finance

Master’s programs provide an advanced academic education and allow students to complete independent academic and project-based work. Banking and Finance is available as: Bank Capital Requirements Performance Student. Please consider the following financee of the application process for written papers at the DBF. The Master’s degree qualifies graduates for demanding activities, such as starting a professional career or, for suitable candidates, continuing their academic career in a Doctoral program.

The IBF reserves the right to require corrections or to set another topic. Related literature Tanner, C. Can be combined with the following major programs:. Information from the Department of Banking und Finance.

The following documents serve as a support:.