Each individual has their ain sentiment on how their kid should be raised and taught. Her belief is if you are difficult and rigorous on a kid they will be successful and travel far in life. According to her, Chinese mothers can get away with saying things that Western parents cannot. Throughout the piece she uses several personal experiences that support this assertion. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. The argument is definitely eye-catching to any parent and is compelling enough to spark disagreement. How about getting full access immediately?

In this part she uses her husband as an example of what a Westerners view is: Even though Amy is an advocate of the Chinese way of parenting, she does not glorify it. It may be a more functional logical appeal if the studies she quotes were from a well-known and respected source. It is difficult to argue with facts and data, however, Chua does not cite the sources of this data. A limited time offer!

How about make it original? Chinese mothers do not necessarily need to be Chinese, but it is a chonese to describe a very strict parent with unusual ways of educating their child. Furthermore, you should remember that the writer is a professor at one of the best universities in the United States, and therefore you should think that her methods, in some way, were scientifically proved.

Rhetorical Analysis – “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Essay Example for Free – Sample words

In many of these Chinese families, the parents choose the occupation of their children, and it is very unlikely that the children have a say in their futures. According to her, Chinese mothers can get away with saying things that Western parents cannot.

China is on the running course with the supeerior of the world, and when it comes to creating masterminds, China is way ahead of everyone else. As far as I can see, Amy Chua certainly has some interesting points, but overall I really do believe that it is the Western method of upbringing that suits children best.


why chinese mothers are superior amy chua essay

Parenting is always a debatable topic edsay America. She uses it more to take a jab at Western culture rather than to make an appeal on either side. With all this being said she tried to hold a good rejoinder for him but she failed to make so because her petition is damaged because she is non believing in a impersonal province of head. This type of parenting is what Amy Chua describes throughout the article. We keep talking about leaving a better planet for our children — But how about leaving better children for our planet?

Furthermore, she is good at using attention-grabbing examples that emphasize her postulates. As mentioned before, Chua claims that superiir criticizing a child and hammering academic success into his or her brain the child will grow to become a prosperous and confident person. Studies show, that Chinese parents spend about 10 times as long as Western parents on academic activities with their children on a daily basis. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get chihese to you in 24 hours or less.

The Chinese parent believes that their child will be strong enough to take the shaming and to improve from it. This is why we on American high schools always see white and black kids hang out together, but the Asians are usually for themselves. In the article it seems that there are no consequences of the Chinese parental mind-set.

Amy believes these three differences to be the reason why Chinese children have a tendency to perform better at school.

why chinese mothers are superior amy chua essay

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden chinede this website. Mothere use cookies to give you the best experience possible. She is merely saying that her parents must hold raised her this manner so seemingly their is a long line of Chinese history behind her so she is merely transporting out the household tradition. It makes sense to exaggerate in order to stress the point she is trying to make but it also triggers the reader to doubt and question, which does not help her cause.


“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” essay analyse

Another technique the author uses to get her point across is repetition. Chua may or may not effectively explain why Chinese mothers are superior but, ultimately, she conveys a unique, if not totally outrageous, idea motherd parenting directed at the average Western parents.

Through the use of several rhetorical devices, Chua supports, as well as weakens, her claim and expresses a different, controversial way of parenting.

I think learning them freedom and independency is what is better. She is clearly an intellectual individual, given that she is a professor at Yale University. This is an opinion most Westerners share.

There is no way for every parent to agree on a list of mothere that are best for children. All in all, this makes the article very exciting to read, and you do not get bored in the reading process. Accessed May 23, Throughout the piece she uses several personal experiences that support this assertion. Punishing your children for a disappointing performance at school by castigating the child is very far from the Western parental mind-set.

It shows that she is unwilling to listen to the other side of her argument and has this my-way-or-the-highway complex—which is not necessarily an attractive outlook to have.