The following articles by F. Radial functions for the large and small components. Domain of valability for SFA. Lecture evaluation by the Fachschaft MathPhys 15 min. Lecture notes, Section 2. Available online, see link.

Algebraic method for solving the SHO: Phys is a required course for all incoming graduate students in Physics, Medical Physics and Astrophysics. Fri, Nov 21; Due: Weisskopf-Wigner theory of spontaneous emission in a two-level system. Momentum as generator of translations.

The time reversal operator.

Mulser, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg Exercise sheet 5 posted online. Domain of valability for SFA.

Quantum Mechanics PHY , Fall | LianTao Wang

Wave Equations” by W. Rotations and angular momentum commutation relations. This should be done as soon as possible here. Alberto Benedetti is the chief tutor. Maxwell equations, black-body radiation, the quantum hypothesis. The original article by L.

The homeworks are to be handed in on June 30th. Reference Solution for the Midterm Posted: Alberto’s lecture notes on the Lamb shift.



Electromagnetically induced transparency EIT. Lecture held by Dr. Unitarity of time evolution.

wkb approximation homework

A crude approximation of the critical field. Please pay attention that some notations are different in the lecture.

The sequential Stern-Gerlach aparatus revisited. EIT used to slow down a light pulse -“Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second Semi-classical treatment for a two-level system uomework the density matrix formalism.

Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations, approximations to the Dirac equation, one-electron systems, Lamb shift Quantum theory of light and matter: Momentum as generator of translations. Fri Sept 26, 1PM in class.

wkb approximation homework

A two-level system interacting with a laser field. Addition of angular momenta.

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Exercise sheet 3 posted online. The homeworks are to be handed in on May 19th.

wkb approximation homework

Laporte’s rule for radiative decays of atomic states. Administrative issues related to lecture and tutorials.

Phys Quantum Mechanics I

Book “Quantum Mechanics ” by B. Exercise sheet 4 posted online. Orbital angular momentum and rotationally invariant problems in position space. The course counts 4 CP. Atoms in strong static electric fields.


Nature article zpproximation simulation of the Dirac equation” by R.